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Video - Configuring IMF Archive Management Tools

Alexander Zammit

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  • Published: Feb 26, 2009
  • Category: Anti-Spam
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The Exchange 2003 Intelligent Message Filter allows the archiving of filtered spam. A number of free archive managers are available for reviewing and if necessary resubmitting emails. This video tutorial walks through the basics of installing, configuring and using these tools.

At WinDeveloper we just published a 15 minute video tutorial demonstrating how to configure IMF Archive Manager and IMF Companion for reviewing, deleting and resubmitting archived emails. These free tools were developed for managing the Intelligent Message Filter archive.

The video was actually produced for demonstrating how these tools may also be employed with IMF Tune archiving. This is possible since IMF Tune and IMF archiving work in the same manner. However the video is also of interest to IMF users not running IMF Tune. All we do here is to point the archive managers to the IMF Tune archive directory instead of the IMF archive.

The video goes further in demonstrating how these tools could also be used in Exchange 2007. The bottom line is that these will work as long as the emails are formatted as per the Exchange requirements.

Follow this link to watch the video.

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Paul 19 Jul 2009 10:51
That's right, plug your own stuff!
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