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  • Published: Mar 21, 2005
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The Microsoft Exchange Best Practices Analyzer version 2 is out. The tool scans Exchange servers and detects issues not in line with Microsoft best practices recommendations.

Microsoft just released version 2 of the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer (ExBPA) tool. This is an excellent, commercial grade tool which no Exchange administrator should do without. The new version adds MOM integration, localization, a new reporting category, easy setup of scheduled scans, new baseline capabilities, and more (see references for complete list).

ExBPA will analyze the Exchange Organization identifying setups which are less than optimal or not recommended. The results are classified based on their severity and identified issues include links on how to resolve them.

Installing the tool cannot be any simpler and getting started with the first scan is just a matter of clicking on the "next" arrow on the wizard. Once you see the generated reports you won't let it go any longer. The tool also offers more advanced functionality through Baseline scanning, Scheduling and command-line operation.

Here are some screen grabs. For more details follow the links from the references section.

Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer

ExBPA Full Issues List

ExBPA Detailed View


Homepage: Microsoft Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool

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