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Exchange 2013 Administration Center in Pictures (Part 2)

Alexander Zammit

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Today we continue our Exchange 2013 Administration Center tour. Here we cover the categories Organization, Protection, Mail Flow, and Mobile. Some of the new features included under these categories are the Apps and Anti-malware filtering.


The Organization category includes Sharing, Apps and Address Lists. Sharing allows us to identify domains with whom we want to share free/busy data.

Exchange 2013 | Organization | Sharing

Apps are cloud friendly Exchange add-on applications. Exchange 2013 includes 3 Apps; Bing Maps, Suggested Appointments, and Action Items. We can expect more Apps from independent software vendors. These will be made available from the Office App store.

Exchange 2013 | Organization | Apps

Lastly we have the Organization | Address Lists sub-category:

Exchange 2013 | Organization | Address Lists



The Protection category brings the new Anti-malware options. To put this into context, I refer you to the announcement Microsoft made here: Important Changes to Forefront Product Roadmaps. Basically many of the Forefront products will be discontinued, including the on-premises Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange (FPE).

With the on-premises FPE out of the equation, Microsoft is promising to improve the message hygiene it provides out-of-the-box. This is where the anti-malware functionality fits into the picture. Of course Microsoft will continue advancing Forefront Online Protection for filtering emails at the cloud.

Here is what the Anti-malware default policy looks like:

Exchange 2013 | Protection | Anti-Malware

Exchange 2013 | Protection | Anti-Malware | Default

There isn't much to configure. We can choose how the malware is to be deleted and the type of notifications sent when malware is detected. Looks like there will be plenty of opportunity for products like IMF Tune to beef this up.


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